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Vandame Enterprises

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Who Else Wants To Make
at least $1,000
In The Next 72 Hours!
'No Experience Necessary!'

This is the ultimate  work at home program...set your own hours... learn while you earn profession.

We'll give you all the tools, training and personal help you need to be your own boss, and
to get there as quickly as possible.


No Gimmicks...No Tricks...No Hype...
Just proven work at home tactics and strategies that work
all the time...every time you use them.
Guaranteed...                                                          Give us 3 hours and we'll take you by the hand
and teach you exactly how to make
REAL money online Right Now...Tonight!


Here's our simple offer:

  • We'll give you the exact same strategies that we and
    our students who work at home use each and every day to make fabulous livings marketing online. We'll take you by the hand and
    guide you, step by step to your own success story.
  • We'll give you $1695.00 worth of free tools and advertising.
  • We'll provide direct support from our full-time support staff.
  • And when you start your own home business... complete the training...
    and make the money...
    We're going to give you 100% of your deposit back in exchange for your testimonial!!
    You heard me right!
    We need REAL people...with REAL stories.
    The less experience...The Better!


Everyone in this world is trying to find a better way to enjoy the better things in life. If you want to fire your boss, work at home and spend more time with family and friends, we can give you the tools to accomplish this!

If you are looking for that financial freedom of getting out of debt, taking your family on those vacations you have always wanted to, or buy that new car you have dreamed about, we have the strategies to make this happen.

This is the ultimate work at home ... set your own hours ... wear what you want to wear ... learn while you earn an income from the internet.

We will teach you how to find what people want to buy NOW!

These marketing strategies work anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet. These are true work at home strategies that are so easy a child could do.

The internet never sleeps. It is working 24/7  and hundreds of people are buying products and services online right now ... and you could be getting a large share of that money when you start learning the work at home secrets that we can teach you. We will teach you how to use the internet to make money while you sleep!

We will teach you how to find products that you can sell WITHOUT SPENDING ANY OF YOUR OWN MONEY!

You will learn how to find out what people buy and how much they want to spend. You will find out if there are any other related products that they are interested in and sell it even if you don't own it.

This is not a quick get rich program! We've seen millions of people trying to make careers at home and getting scammed out of their hard earned money. We are sure you have seen dozens of work at home sights where you can work at home and not have to do a darn thing. Let's get the facts down right now! You will actually have to act on all the information that you will receive from our coaching staff in order to achieve your goals. You can take the tools that we give you and build a house or a mansion. It will take the same amount of work. Or you can leave the tools in the toolbox and let them rust away. It is up to you how much time you want to work at home in order to achieve your financial freedom!

So if we both do our jobs, we can make a difference in your life style now and into the future!

Vandame Enterprises

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Vandame Enterprises * 2332 Wenona Dr. * Wixom, Michigan * US * 48393